My Job

Today was my last day teaching group fitness classes at the Miami Rec Center.

Although this may seem fine to some, I was sad to say goodbye to my students who come to my classes weekly and to those I see so often.

Being a Spinning and Total Body Tone instructor at the Miami University Recreational Center is such a fun and rewarding job. I truly have a passion for teaching fitness classes and motivating others.

As a Kinesiology major, I understand how the body works and what it is capable of doing- it is truly amazing. I love exercise, and I strive to help others appreciate physical activity and their bodies, too.

I started my job as a group fitness instructor as a sophomore and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Most people dislike going to work, but I am quite the opposite. I meet so many people everyday when I teach. Plus, I have formed great relationships with some of my students.   

Through my job as a group fitness instructor, I have learned to become a leader. In my classes, I am not only a motivator and a choreographer, I am also a friend. Being twenty one years old and instructing both faculty and college students is a joy. I not only choreograph the workout, but also I try to make my class fun and give my patrons an opportunity to sweat off their stress.

The positive feedback I receive makes me so grateful to teach and motivate others. With anything I do, I pour my heart into it. My class environment is upbeat and positive, and I think anyone who takes my class can tell how much I enjoy being an instructor.

I really love my job and I hope that everyone feels this way about the life they lead, because it is so much fuller that way.



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