Little changes make a difference when it comes to your health

If you don’t know where to start, how to continue with living a healthy life, or if you feel like you hit a plateau and want to set goals for the new year you’ve come to the right place. Little changes day by day can make a difference in your health. Start small and gradually work and reach those goals of yours!

Here are some easy ways to become a healthier version of yourself:

Stretch Everyday
Stretching increases the body’s blood flow, which makes you feel more awake. A good stretch also helps with fine muscle coordination, range of motion, and tension relief. Reap these benefits and stretch regularly. Make time for stretching, especially on rest days.

Curb your sugar cravings with fruit
Instead of reaching for snacks that are loaded with sugar, try a piece of fruit. Eating a banana or an apple with a tablespoon of nut butter can not only take care of that sugar craving, but also provide you with some extra nutrients.

Add more veggies to your plate When you look at your plate, make sure that veggies are taking up more than a quarter of the space. Vegetables are loaded with nutrients and provide you with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to fuel your body properly. If you find eating vegetables tasteless or boring, try out different veggies and preparation methods. Roast  vegetables in the oven and season with fresh spices and herbs. Make zucchini noodles or try spaghetti squash. Eating vegetables doesn’t have to be boring.

Eat at the dining table
Overeating is much more likely to occur when people are distracted and eat in front of the TV. Technology can be a big distraction and sometimes we don’t even realize how fast or how much we’re eating. Sitting down at a table with no distractions helps you eat mindfully. You will be more  aware of when you’re starting to feel full and how much you have eaten.

Sit on an exercise ball
Better and perfect your posture by sitting on a medicine ball. Your muscles are more activated using this an exercise ball because the it is not stable and moves around freely, requiring a lot of hard work from your abs. Strong abdominal muscles can help reduce lower back pain.

Get creative with your downtime
On your precious days off, don’t waste all day in front of the TV. Instead, try fun, new ways to get outside and be active. Go for a bike ride, a run, a walk, yoga, or for a hike. Catch up with friends by being active or cooking healthy recipes. Use your time wisely!

Exercise gives you energy
If you are feeling tired and unmotivated to workout, think about the last time you exercised. Did you regret it? Of course not! You never regret a workout, no matter how small.  Exercise is actually gives you more energy and can make you feel rejuvenated after a quick gym session. If you’re too tired to workout, it could be your sleeping habits. If you are making up excuses, going to bed earlier at night could make it easier to get up and have time for your workouts in the morning.

Working hard gives you results                                                                                                   Tough it out and push through the workout, it will be worth it. If you have a goal in mind, focus on that instead of how difficult the workout is. Hard work and effort can bring strength, confidence, and a positive mindset!

Everyone has to start somewhere                                                                                         Everyone is learning, even the experienced trainers. If you need advice or inspiration, so many people are rooting for you and are there to help.  Plenty of people are happy to share their knowledge with you! Search the web, find blogs you like, and read up on different moves or exercise styles you can try. Making excuses is only going to hurt you, no one else. Skipping workouts can easily become a bad habit. Remind of yourself of your end goal and focus on building good habits.


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