New Years Resolutions and Tips for Success

As the holidays come to an end, many will start resolutions to get fit and healthy in the new year. That is wonderful, and I really hope you decide to live a healthy lifestyle, but remember it is just that- a lifestyle. Don’t give in to crash diets or unhealthy cleanses. Eat real food that will fuel your body to perform it’s absolute best. Eat real, whole food for the win!!

Whether you are just beginning to live a healthy lifestyle or you are a professional “yogi,” or a R.D., these tips are helpful and great reminders for a healthier and happier life!

Set reasonable goals

Be realistic with yourself and make goals that you know you can accomplish.  It’s easy in January to be motivated to become healthier in 2017. Slowly integrate changes into your life so you can sustain them and make them part of your daily routine. Start by eating more vegetables, drink one more glass of water a day, add 15 more minutes to your workout, or stretch before bed. Start with reasonable goals, and go from there!


How you spend your morning can set the tone for the rest of your day. The most important times in our days are the first 10 to 20 minutes we wake up and the last 10 to 20 minutes before we fall asleep. It is crucial to build healthy habits first thing in the morning. Your mind is powerful! Cultivate healthy morning habits and the rest of your day will flow accordingly. Start your day on a positive note; stretch, listen to music, pray, whatever you need to do to get in the right mindset.

Eat breakfast

Eating a hearty meal for breakfast will not sustain you for the rest of the day, but it will save you from giving into cravings later in the day. A breakfast rich in protein, healthy fats, fiber, and unprocessed carbs is always the best.

Plan for Success

If you plan to succeed, you usually will. Have a busy day or week ahead? Buy all of your groceries, prepare, and store your meals. Pack them and take your food with you so you stay on track and are not tempted to buy junk food.

Train to be a better YOU

Focus on all aspects of health and fitness: optimal health, happiness, strength, movement, flexibility, etc. Be the best you you can be!

Avoid Diet foods and Eat Real, Wholesome Food

Most foods labeled “lite”, “sugar-free” or “fat free” are often misleading and usually contain chemicals and hidden calories, causing additional cravings and weight gain. Opt for unprocessed foods that will leave you feeling better and with less cravings for something the diet food was lacking.

Do not Crash diet

Starving yourself, extreme workouts, and pills to lose fat are not the way to go. Unfortunately, these tricks can’t work long term. Focus on living a healthy lifestyle!

Juice cleanses are not an effective way to be healthy

Calories from beverages are quickly absorbed in the body and cause blood sugar spikes.  In addition, most beverages lack fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Drinking healthy beverages like water and smoothies are good choices, but try not to rely heavily on drinking your calories, eat real food instead!

Unhealthy snacking habits

Don’t overeat or overindulge with snacks, especially junk food; calories from snacks quickly add up and cause weight gain. Make sure your snacks are unprocessed and remember to account for them in your total daily calorie intake.

Following a strict or rigid diet will not last

Being too strict on the foods you should and shouldn’t eat can cause an eating disorder. Make food choices depending on what’s healthy rather than focusing on the foods you shouldn’t eat. Eat foods that you enjoy. If you hate kale, don’t eat it; find healthy foods that taste good to you.

Drink More Water

Water is your new best friend! Drinking lots of water will help give you that feeling of satiety and fullness. A hydrated body helps your skin and energy levels. When we’re dehydrated, sometimes we think we are hungrier than we actually are, so always drink water before you eat or indulge in a craving.  Make hydration a priority when going about your day!


Meditation is an effective way to cleanse your mind and body. It can help curb cravings, keep you in touch with how your body is feeling, and be a good foundation for healthier habits. Try meditating for 10 to 20 minutes each day; you could start by meditating before starting your day and then before you go to bed.

Practice Self Love

Slow down and treat yourself. Practice self love, and try not to compare yourself to others. You are doing great! Take a bath, read a novel, practice yoga, get your nails done, or treat yourself to a presumably much-needed massage.


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