You are Sweet Enough- Ditch the Sugar

Whether it’s for weight loss, digestive problems, clearer skin, or an improved mood, most of us have tried diet changes- which often times involve ditching sugar.

If you’ve tried to remove sugar from your diet before, and have found yourself craving anything sweet, you aren’t alone.

You are in control of your sugar intake, don’t fall too quickly into those traps.

Find out why you are craving sugar.

You may be/ have:

  • Unstable blood sugar levels
  • A gut microbio imbalance
  • You’re emotional and feel as if you need to reward yourself with sugar
  • You’ve created a habit
  • You consume a lot of artificial sweeteners

Quit Sugar for Good

  • Start your day with a protein-based breakfast: this will stabilize your blood sugar levels, so you can avoid the glucose drop that causes intense cravings.
  •  Why are you craving sugar?: Are you anxious, bored, angry, or sad? If this sounds like something you do, keep a diary of what you eat, how you feel when you reach for sugar, and then address the underlying problem.
  • Eat fruit: fruit is nature’s candy; rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber which helps rebalance your biochemistry, and also naturally sweet enough to crush cravings.
  • Stop buying processed foods: eat real food with minimal ingredients, this is a huge change, but it will make such a difference in how you feel!
  • Don’t keep sweets in your house: revamp your pantry and fill it with wholesome foods your body will actually benefit from consuming.
  • Sleep: sleep helps decrease sweet food cravings. Don’t skimp on your sleep! Aim for 7-8 hours a night.
  •  Make peace with sugar: Moderation is key. Allow yourself to have a treat every once in a while. When you decide to indulge, make it a conscious choice and savor every crumb. Enjoy the treat and get back on track the next day. You don’t need to avoid sugar completely, just eat it wisely. Take care of your body and understand when you are truly hungry for something sweet versus craving sugar.



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