The Benefits of Collagen & Why You Should Try It!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is primarily found in muscles, bones, skin, and blood vessels. It makes up 90% of bone mass and connective tissue. Collagen is the protein that strengthens our skin, gives it it’s elasticity, and makes up 70% of the skin. This protein is known as the “glue” that helps hold the body together because it strengthens bones, joints and tendons. As we age, our collagen production slows down (think wrinkles, hair loss, and joint pain). Supplementing collagen into a healthy diet can be very beneficial to your health! Here’s why:


  • Improves athletic performance: Collagen protein supports the body’s protein needs after physical activity specifically because it contains a large amount of protein, amino acids (18 actually), and 8 of the 9 essential amino acids, which are only found in dietary proteins. In addition, collagen contains the principal amino acids needed for muscular contraction: 20% glycine and 8% arginine.


  • Speeds up recovery time : Collagen is the major component required for synthesizing strength and flexibility in sore and torn muscles, joints, and ligaments. Since taking collagen, I have definitely seen a difference in how fast I have recovered from hard workouts, sore muscles, and even injuries.


  •  Improves flexibility and joint mobility:  Studies show that collagen peptides improve joint mobility and flexibility in athletes and those with arthritis. There have been significant reductions in arthritis-caused joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation for those who have taken collagen.


  • Collagen builds strong bones: We lose up to 50% of our bone strength as we age. Research shows that the collagen absorbs the shock when bones are impacted. The more collagen we have in our bones, the stronger they will be and the less risk for fractures we have. Bone strength significantly improves when taking in collagen; it stimulates new bone cell growth.


  • Collagen boosts metabolism and helps balance hormones.


  •  Collagen protein helps with weight loss: Collagen protein keeps you full longer, so you not only eat less, but also lose weight. Research shows that collagen is one of the most satiating proteins. “Individuals who supplemented with collagen consumed 20% less at their next meal than those who consumed other types of protein.”


  • Collagen detoxes your body of harmful substances and improves blood flow.


  • This protein is needed for proper digestive system function. Collagen peptides in the Gastro Intestinal tract attract acid molecules, which helps during the breakdown of food particles and digestion. Collagen also repairs intestinal lining:  an increased collagen supply is needed for proper healing in the intestine, which is especially important for those with digestive imbalances or IBS. This protein has been fantastic for my health, and I feel as if it has “healed my gut.” I feel better from the inside- out!



  • Collagen does wonders for the skin:  Collagen strengthens the dermis layer of our skin, and has an important role in eliminating stretch marks, cellulite, and acne scars. This is because collagen improves elasticity of the skin; when our skin stretches and thins out, cellulite becomes more visible. Collagen supplementation  generates stronger, firmer skin with more elasticity. Besides giving the skin more flexibility, collagen also hydrates the skin. Research has demonstrated that oral collagen supplementation is more effective in improving the skin’s moisture and elasticity than topical creams. This is because: the molecules in topical substances are too large to be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, but collagen peptides are immediately absorbed into the blood and then delivered to skin cells when taken orally. Further Collagen has made my skin brighter, moisturized, and much more vibrant.


  • Collagen strengthens teeth, hair, and nails: Our hair follicles depend on collagen to give them strength, but without appropriate collagen levels, the amount of hair follicles can be reduced. Collagen helps nails grow quicker and stronger, provides structure for our teeth, and connects the gums to the teeth. Collagen loss with age can cause increased tooth sensitivity, decreased tooth strength, hair loss, and brittle nails. One of the biggest differences I have seen since adding collagen to my food and drinks is the strength of my nails- they are thick, sturdier, and shiny, I don’t even feel the need to polish them all the time! Also, I have always been told that I had “fine and silky hair,”  but now I can happily say that my hair has been growing smoother, longer, and thicker.



*I add a scoop of collagen to my daily matcha tea, Greek yogurt bowls, smoothies/ smoothie bowls, oatmeal, coffee, protein-energy balls, baking recipes, pancakes, soup/bone broth, the list goes on and on!!

**This protein is tasteless, yet has so many benefits! A scoop of collagen dissolves, so you can add it to anything and reap the benefits. The texture is not grainy at all, and mixes really well.


Further Food’s Collagen peptides are grass-fed, pasture-raised, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, paleo, and Whole 30 approved. It is made with 100% hydrolyzed collagen peptides,  sugar free, contains no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or any added ingredients… just pure protein.

I seriously love this stuff! I wouldn’t write a blog post on it if I didn’t 🙂

I highly recommend this protein if you are striving to live a healthier lifestyle. Check it out:

Use the code: ADDIE10 at checkout for a discount!

XOXO, Addie


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