Hi. I’m Addie.

I recently graduated from Miami University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with a pre-med focus. Since I have always been interested in the body and the fuel it needs, I minored in nutrition. I hope to become a Physician Assistant, where I can work in any field of medicine, examine, diagnose, and treat people from disease. As a PA, I want to prescribe more than just medicine; I plan to integrate nutrition and exercise into my future practices, using these means as preventive tools for a healthier and longer life.

I am very passionate about health, specifically living a holistic and healthy lifestyle. I am dedicated to living a life of joy and balance. I hope to bring others positivity, joy, and hope.

I am also an avid runner. I run because it makes me feel alive. Running makes me my happiest and it makes me, me. I do not run to lose weight, or because I am unhappy with my body. I run because it is my me- time, makes me feel amazing, is a way to de-stress, and because running helps me focus better in mundane activities. I tend to be very energetic, so if I don’t run… I am bouncing off the walls and anxious to my my body.

At age 18, I ran my first marathon- the Columbus marathon. All I wanted was to finish the race, but I actually ran my fastest time that year and qualified for the Boston Marathon. My PR is 3:22:02. As much as I have tried to beat my first marathon time, I have not done so, due to many circumstances out of my control. Like many runners, I have had countless injuries.

Even though I train for races, I am my happiest when I can run for fun. I love adventures and finding new places. Last year, I had this crazy idea of running a race in every state. Many people think this is a far-fetched goal, but I plan on doing it and enjoying the ride! When I envision myself in the future, I am the old lady running a marathon having the time of her life. Although I know I will have aches and pains (as I already do occasionally), I really hope that I can continue my love for running. It is my absolute favorite!

I am also a group fitness instructor, teaching spinning, cardio, and strength based classes. Instructing and motivating others to exercise brings me great joy. The goal I have when teaching, and in this blog, is to show women the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to encourage and help girls love themselves, eat to fuel their bodies, and workout to improve their fitness and well being. I do not believe in diets or quick fixes. I believe in hard work and real food.

Food is not the enemy. Food is actually my best friend (lol but really). It gives me the energy I need to run miles upon miles and instruct others in my fitness classes. Food is fuel.

People are often surprised how much I can eat, but I eat very nutrient dense, healthy foods. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy unhealthy foods in moderation… Ice cream is one of my favorites. However, I have found that being too restrictive with food is never a good idea because it often causes more harm than good. Usually what comes along with restrictive diets are binge and restrict cycles. This type of dieting is mentally and physically exhausting. So if you want that slice of pizza, go ahead and eat it! It will not kill you.

My biggest piece of advice is: do not diet or exercise to lose weight; instead, change your lifestyle and love the body you are in, you only get one!

Eat healthy foods to give you energy and exercise because you feel better after doing it. Being healthy can make you feel strong and confident, and who doesn’t want to feel like that?

If you are looking for inspiration, check out my Instagram: addie_runs_fast where I post daily on living a healthy life!